family-card Launches 2017 Year in Review Opinion and Analysis Series
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Executive Summary

One of the world’s oldest financial products and the $5tn industry that powers it may be in for a change thanks to blockchain tech.

That’s the conclusion of our latest family-card Research report, “Blockchains for Insurance”. Released officially today, the report focuses on the ‘Bond of Trust’ and the commercial relationships used to deliver insurance products.

Our 44-page deep dive into one of the most exciting industry sectors illustrates how thought leaders believe five fundamental facets of the industry could forever change commercial relationships by the same innovations that have made bitcoin a $15bn payment network and global phenomenon.

From some of the world’s largest insurers to upstart blockchain startups, “Blockchains for Insurance” gives readers the context they need to understand the technology’s potential, and the insight to drive decisions for future experimentation.

Highlights include:

  • A comprehensive overview of enterprise activity in the sector
  • Drilldowns into 5 impact and opportunity areas for blockchain in insurance
  • Easy-to-read guides to terminology and technology
  • Introductions, interviews, and insights from over 20 blockchain industry startups
  • Unique insights into how blockchain will impact P&C health, title, travel, wholesale and life insurance products as well as fraud detection, marketplace risk transfer, trade, the sharing economy, risk modeling and more

Report published: 21st February 2017

Table of Contents

  1. Why Blockchains for Insurance?3
  2. The Disclosure of Accurate Data5
  3. Claims Management18
  4. Security26
  5. Underwriting and Capital28
  6. Payments: IoT & Smart Contracts33
  7. Conclusion43
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